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Links for Sustainability

Basic information, serious projects, cool examples and sustainable entertainment – you’ll find an interesting, but far from comprehensive selection in the following compilation.

General Information:

  • Lexikon der Nachhaltigkeit
    This encyclopaedia of sustainability provides information on the subject and on current national and international developments politics and economy.
  • Der Nachhaltigkeits-Check
    Check about the national sustainability strategy on the project site of BUND, NABU and DNR, where the organisations show the stages of the official dialogue process and inform about their meetings and conferences.
  • Kammer für Nachhaltige Entwicklung der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland
    The Chamber of Sustainable Development of the Evangelical Churches discusses and publishes positions and contributions to all issues of sustainable development. 
  • Die Klima-Allianz
    More than 90 civil society organisations have joined forces in the Climate Alliance to campaign together for consistent climate protection.
  • Jugendbündnis Zukunftsenergie
    The open and broad alliance of youth organisations and individuals advocate the switch to sustainable energy structures.
  • waswirtun
    The plattform presents civil society organisations, companies and communes, who advocate for climate, environmental and societal concerns.


  • Bundesregierung
    Internet presence of the Federal Government on sustainability strategy.
  • Bundesumweltministerium (BMU)
    Website of the Federal Ministry for the Environment on the subject of sustainability.
  • Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
    Website of the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt) on Sustainable Consumption and environmental awareness.
  • Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung
    The German Council for Sustainable Development advises the Federal Government in issues of sustainable development.  The Council’s website provides information about its projects, members and publication.



  • Portal transfer-21
    This portal funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides among other things a collection of free materials, brochures, CD-ROMs and booklet on environmental topics.
  • Eine Welt Internet Konferenz (EWIK)
    The portal "Global Learning" helps finding online educational material. The Website is arranged according to countries, subjects and target groups. 
  • UN-Dekade in Deutschland
    The portal "Education for Sustainable Development" informs about German activities within the framework of the United Nations Decade "Education for Sustainable Development", offering interesting initiatives and projects.

Sustainable Consumption:

  • Ecoshopper
    Extensive consumer portal: a shopping guide and guidebook for sustainable consumption. Verbraucherportal. Einkaufsführer und Ratgeber für bewussten Konsum.
  • Transfair
    All about the Transfair logo and the trade with fair products.
  • Lifeguide 
    No matter if you’re living in Munich, Berlin, Augsburg or Lübeck – at you’ll find specific hints how to adopt the ecological and social lifestyle in your town.

Sustainable Entertainment:

  • The Meatrix
    Animated advertisement spot for sustainable consumption.
  • Flow
    10-minute short animated film about human use of natural resources, its consequences and positive options for future.
  • The Story of Stuff
    This short movie illustrates how production, consumption and environmental pollution are globally connected.
  • Animal Planet
    Animal Planet illustrates how we can protect the environment with funny short movies.

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